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The AluCabin-structure is a cever system of sandwich-plates and aluminum-profiles. The wall-plates are 50mm thick, but with only 2mm aluminum on each side. The core is Divinycell, well known for it’s excellent strenght to weight ratio.

The Divinycell-core is machined to create integrated details in the sandwich-panels, typically channels for cables, ventilation, cutouts for Products etc.

Aluminum-materials according to regulation NORSOK M-121.

All plates and profiles are anodized for best possible corrotion-resistance.

​The sandwich-panels and profiles are glued together to form a continus joint With both Extreme strength and just enough flexibility to handle years of vibration. All the gaps are filled to avoid cravice.

Everything from the custom aluminum-profiles and sandwich-panels to the assembled final Product is produced in Norway. We take pride in beeing competetive thru quality, flexibility and close communication!